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10 Common Mistakes Couples Make After A Love Making Session

One moment you’re experiencing the bliss and the next minute, it all vanishes into thin air. Why is it that the fire that once swelled up at a mere glance goes until you both get into a habit of sleeping with your back towards each other on decreasing eventually? We frequently see there’s nothing that we could do to make things go smoothly as before and that fire becoming dull as the relationship moves with time.

Some have their differences to blame, but others get tired of the same routine, but what about the couples who find the madness falling and still always love each other like crazy? There’s definitely something that is hampering your love life and affecting it mutely.
There are some things couples do that simply brings down the enjoyable-o-meter and kills the ecstasy that you both were enjoying.

1. Racing to the washroom.

In case you can appreciate while doing it, becoming cluttered, in that case why can not you wait for a li’l longer before cleaning up? Love some instants with your partner after making love, everything else can wait!

2. Instantly grabbing something to eat.

This might not go down very well with your partner.

3. Leaving your partner to sleep in a different room.

It’s not a good idea to leave your partner alone in the room instantly after making out if you men sleep in separate rooms. You have a cozy night ahead and always have the option to remain with him/her in his or her bed. Do not let them feel incomplete with you gone to your bed or sulk.

4. Dozing off soon after.

Many couples (either one or both the partners) promptly tend to doze off after a love making session. This really is definitely not done.

5. Picking up your telephone/novel as a bedtime tradition.

DO NOT ever grab your telephone to make a call after you’re done making love, or pick up your novel immediately. It may be your bedtime regime on routine days to telephone a friend or read some novel but some moments are unique, merely keep them particular!

6. Immediately starting to get dressed.

This will definitely definitely give your partner a feeling that you couldn’t wait to get dressed and were in a hurry all of the while. If your partner did that to you, you’d not enjoy it, would you? Let your eyes and smile and hugs wind it up eventually and smoothly for you.

7. Changing on the tv.

Were you all the time thinking about that day-to-day soap or soccer match while your hormones were on fire? This is what your partner will feel after making love, if you instantaneously switch on the telly. Not a good feeling!

8. Starting to whine about how you did not like this session much.

Well, this can be very embarrassing for your partner to hear he/she couldn’t please you as well this time, and can instantaneously change the mood from “joyful and satisfied” to “troubled and clumsy”. The blame game can wait, only let the sexual ecstasy linger on for some more time.

9. Heading towards work or sit down to finish the office work that is pending.

A big NO! I understand you have an important appointment to end but merely give your partner who is still drooling over the lovely time a little more time he/she only had.

10. Instantaneously calling your kids in.

But immediately after you roll away from your partner, you call out to your children and catch your tee.

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