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Ayurveda And Dry Skin For Dealing With Rusty Skin

Ayurveda has many solutions that are economical and chemical, which make the skin soft, supple and beautiful. Before knowing these, let us know the causes that make our skin stout.
Causes of Dryness in Skin
Change in weather
Growing of Vata in the body
Taking the Balanced Diet
Ayurvedic Tips for Curb Dryness in Skin
1. Intake of Vegetables
We should eat vegetables full of water which are easy in digestion such as carrot, gourd, cucumber, radish etc. These vegetables are tridenta and are beneficial for every type of skin. We should consume at least three vegetables daily.
2. Eat Like A Bird
Traditional Ayurveda has been told that we should consume Seeds and Nuts with food. Doing this brings a great change in our skin and it is clearly visible. Due to vata, our skin gets dry, but seeds and nuts have omega 3 (Omega 3) and natural fat, which provide balance to the skin. These are also found in fiber which removes the weakness of our digestive tract.
3. Herbal Tea Only
Dryness increases with vaat and due to lack of moisture the skin softness is destroyed. To avoid this, we can consume hot stuff like herbal teas several times a day. The skin is always shining by consuming tea prepared with a mixture of ginger and lemon. Digestion is also well with it.
4. Do Exercise
By exercising, we can stop the growth of Vata in the body. Not only this, by exercising, our body’s toxins are exposed to sweating, which is important in maintaining the skin glow in itself.
5. Breathing
Mental and emotional stress also increases the stomach in the body, which increases the stiffness of the skin. By focusing on the breathing process, we can become stress free and prevent vata from growing in our body.

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