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If you are careful not to use nightly cream to …

The time of night is the time to relax, relax and have the time to ‘rejuvenate’ the skin, so after cleaning the face deeply, apply moisturizing for the best results in the night. You may, however, feel confused which moisturizer will prove to be good for your skin.

Divya Mehta, the founder of Skincare brand Apikoo, has suggested in relation to choosing a great night cream:

– You can use any cream without any sunscreen indigreedes. You do not need to buy night cream specifically, because the only difference is that the night cream is not equipped with SPF protecting from harmful UV rays, so you feel free to choose the suitable cream for your skin rich in indigreedients.

– Boswellia seratata (shalaki), containing the essence of coffee bean, add the cream of rich medicinal plants such as Brahmi, Kalamgh, Yishitmudhu, Stochtur, Horse Chestnut and oils and Vitamin E, C and other antioxidants. If you are overweight then add cream containing high-quality medicinal properties.

– The cream should be such that it is deeply absorbed in the skin. Do not have creams that are visible on the skin as an oily form and can not be absorbed properly.

– Choose the type of skin according to the type of oil, dry or normal. Find the best moisturizer that suits the skin.

– Do not apply synthetic flavored or colored cream because it can cause itching and irritation in your skin. Parabena should not be a chemical in good night cream. If your skin is sensitive then do not put alcohol-based cream because it can cause eczema, stomach problems.

Knight creams are used to nourish and repair skin cells, so it should be sunscreen and not spf.

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