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How to Cut Money to EPA Mesothelioma Survivor Can Affect

During blogging for the Mesothelioma Cancer Coalition, I have had some very wonderful occasions to get my story out of a recent interview and video with blogs, ray pieces and Greenpeace. Why Greenpeace You Can Ask? What better organization to save the whale, which is mesothelioma and asbestos?

To answer your questions, this current administration is creating many people who are passionate about environmental issues, but when it comes to asbestos, unconscious disregard for general knowledge and security. The President himself quoted the advantages of asbestos, it is not taking into consideration how dangerous it is.

In 2012, he tweeted: “If we do not remove incredibly powerful fire retardant mica and change it with junk which does not work,” The World Trade Center does not burn anytime “but we know that really thousands Asbestos used. When everything broke down in Manhattan, two towers fell. The death rate from that tragedy would have increased as a result of other chemicals of this and intoxicating soil. Getting.

New EPA Head
When Scott Pruth was nominated as the Chairman of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), I did some investigations and what I learned this person who was very popular in his home state of Oklahoma has filed a lawsuit against the EPA , He has been chosen to run more than a dozen times. I am thinking that a known climate change in the charge of an agency, it is known

Greenpeace, which has been at the forefront of environmental issues for years, is about the appointment as well as the deductible in the EPA, I have interviewed with Ryan Schlatter, who wrote an op-ed piece about his concerns His interest was poor because I am a victim of a known environmental poison, that last year only the EPA’s Toxic Substance Control Act: Asbestos Was listed.

In order to eliminate EPA, or to completely eliminate, those security places have been put in place. Asbestos is already loose-regulated, and in spite of the ideas that mesothelioma spiked in cases, the opposite is true. According to the CDC, mesothelioma cases rose instead of falling.

My story is getting out
Cutting Money to EPA – Heather | Mesothelioma.com
When I talked to Ryan, I shared my story, I told him about the news that when my child was only 3 and a half months I had mesothelioma. I told him about the surgery, which had taken the weakening effects of my left lungs and chemo and radiation which came in the months after my surgery.

I did not remember the first 18 months of my child’s life. When I know that this disease can be stopped, then having the risk of being able to avoid being sick can prevent people getting sick, it knocks my mind that more or more is not to stop or stop it.

I told Ryan about his concerns and said that if he wants to meet me, then I will be in DC. Greenpeace’s main office was located there. As a result of that conversation, an idea was born.

We filmed a video and interview to go with the written article to run the importance of the EPA home. We met with videographer and filmed in the vicinity of DC, which included the White House Front House, the Capital Building and the EPA Headquarters, which is the mainstay of the new Trump Hotel.

I had a meeting with an employee at the office of Senator Amy Clooper, to discuss the cost of the EPA deduction and other budget cuts. I am lucky enough to have my MPs, Amy Klochurer and Al Franken, a very pro-environment, and agree that the deduction of the EPA’s budget meant that destructive things could only mean the whole country, not just Minnesota.

We have finished the video with an interview, and despite the problems, I have a great experience, the video has been launched on April 12, and has more than 5,50,000 views so far.

Support EPA Funding
Cutting the Money for EPS – Heath 2 | Mesothelioma.com
By telling my story and how the cuts in EPA and other science-supported organizations are harming our future, I think I am doing my share. You can also now have time to join

Your representatives and senators’ offices have a phone call. They are easy to meet! You can go to USA.gov and all the information you need is there. Make a phone call, tell them not to cut the EPA budget.

Joining is easier than ever, let’s work together to keep your future safe, but for all future generations.

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