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Face Find masks Muhase rid of acne Face Mask Se Hatane Ke Upay

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Face Find masks rid of acne Face Mask Se Muhase Hatane Ke Upay – are in most acne youth |Remove them when acne once the face is a little hard | If we follow some precautions so it will recover soon | Acne occur when starting out is a problem also occurs and leave spots on the face to launch them | So should not be disturbed them when they get

Below we’ll tell you some tips, you can get rid of acne using them are:

Often become stained face because of acne | Generally we make them hold nails etc. Nockr and deeper | If acne they have not provoking | Wish to go to a good beauty parlor Niklwaan including nail, acne | Then a use of these coatings

Olive oil Mask

Olive oil is very beneficial for the pimples | Its oil ½ teaspoon olive quarter and put it on the spoon face lemon juice | 15 minutes later by taking advantage of Wash

Peppermint Mask

A spoon and put it on a teaspoon rosewater mixed face mint juice | Keep it by a few hours Whether you can sleep by night | Then wash the face with cold water

Almond Mask

Four soaked almonds grind with two spoons of milk | Capsules of a teaspoon of orange juice and vitamin A which apply to the whole face | Find more on spots | Wash face and twenty minutes later

Raw papaya mask

Extract the juice by grinding small pieces of raw papaya | Do well by drying on her face and spots | Wash face fifteen minutes later

A common problem of skin acne and get rid of them you can do the following measures –

1. Before using Kanfr lotion on acne to acne away | Anyone Mediketed clean face with soap and hot water

2. If more acne on the face, then go to a good beauty parlor Niklwaan including root

3. Remove ground juice mint leaves | He put it on the face mix ½ teaspoon lemon juice Wash face and twenty minutes later

4. sandalwood paste, put together condensed juice of cucumbers

5. Find Grind leaves of neem | Wash face and twenty minutes later

6. Spoon ½ teaspoon turmeric flour, create a tablespoon neem juice and two tablespoons milk paste mixed | Wash the face well by twenty minutes later

7. Light starch paste would also benefit greatly from him sleep on overnight face

8. Acne end to go over again not to rub on daily cotton soaked face in mint juice to | Wash later

9. Others towel or other items such as soap, do not use cream etc | On coming out of the dust with the help of Clinjrs Wipe dirt | Always clean skin

10. simple, three-four times dry skin during the day twice and oily skin during the day, wash with lukewarm water

11. Substance eat no more oil | More salad eat and water at least eight glasses a day SIP | Such slightest care can maintain your heart

Amazing Steam Facial For Pimples And Oily Skin

The playing through the pores by vapor opening can be deep cleansing | It can be cleaned present lubricants, dust etc. Skin | New life in the face by steam facials and puts new shine | Steam domestic law facials following is

Let the hot water in the basin to put petals of roses it | A few minutes to soak them | Now cover the towels on your face, so that steam around could not shattered | Move closer to the steam went face to soak up | Remember to be as closer as well, so you do not hurt | Inhale steam | Do well to steam the face | After taking a good steam clean the face with tissue paper | If facial blackheads on Wipe out to remove them by pressing or Black Head Remover Rui | Face with warm water wash wash, ice face with water | Let dry by a good face mask on face | Later, wash with cold water | This week will give a face to steam for fifteen days, then continue visiting face |

Face some necessary precautions to mask

1. If you use the first mask being on your skin first choose the mask of your skin type

2. on the use of masks to clean skin

3. When the skin is hot, place only masks | In its use of masks during cream facials or steam facials 

4. Find the left part of the lips and around the eyes, Elsewhere 

5. mask dry skin, sensitive skin, mixed skin types find only ten minutes | Then wash with water 

6. Oily leave fifteen minutes the mask on the skin | Wash thereafter

7. Use masks according to the season

8. Do not go after unloading masks out immediately or in the sun | It has a direct effect on the skin | Take a rest while the skin, so that all the proteins we have skin, their nutrition can be correctly 

We hope that you can get rid forever of acne by following these measures

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