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How To Make Your Back Beautiful

Draw back the property and how attractive How To Make Your Back Beautiful – has its own value back to the beautiful and attractive in appearance, but it is not given much attention to the back of an astonishing fact that beauty refine | Back row due to neglect loses its appeal | Back then not if pleasing aesthetic feel unfulfilled-bit | Many times due to dirt on the back of the skin tend to have dark spots | The obesity also increases the meat on the back | Back hair can reduce the beauty | To back up the attractive and healthy massage, dieting, exercise, coatings are required 

So here are a few to be such tips on making your back will be beautiful and attractive –

Exercises For To Make It Beautiful

1. sit for 15-20 minutes in the currency of prayer on the ground |

2. directly lying on the floor, make sure both sides of the body with both hands | Now bring on the ground behind the head Taking the above into currency stretched his right hand | Then go back in the same currency in hand | Now similar left hand | This exercise in 5 minutes | Exercise should before ever morning television

Some other measures in addition to the exercise bench to create beautiful as follows:

1. back a long handling in the market to get a brush to clean, which can be thoroughly cleaned back 

2. Once a week course for a massage your back | Go to beauty parlor could also massage

3. Find the flour mixed with yogurt or raw milk, pinch-long turmeric and lemon juice | Rouge slowly rub the | Sarah scum will plunge 

4. Find cold cream or Maiscraijr after bath 

5. The black skin from the sun during the summer season, so find a pack of turmeric and lime | Skin tones will be clearer 

6. Once the cover on the back of the drape of the sun exit scarves, scarf or sari | This suppression is not sharp rays directly back to the sun 

7. start rubbing the flour, lemon juice, sandalwood powder, wash after a spoonful of honey and turmeric mixture and rub it, then drying on the back, this will remove dust from the inside of the skin and back injuries engaging 

8. If a child a little lemon juice bleach yogurt’re back | Apply 15 minutes after washing nice little cream 

9. night acne lotion on the back by Sleep | It will end up infecting your back | Loose clothing wearing

10. slowly rub mustard oil before a bath on the back | Let dry for about ten minutes | Then scrubbing Wash | Scum layer will descend 

11. If you go out there wearing dress big hug Apply concealer on the back | It colored back and face-to-take separate

12. Rub the lemon juice back in four spoons of sugar, makes the skin soft, soft, smooth and be beautiful 

13. If your skin is black and put it on the back by thick rouge mixing flour in a little milk have been scorched by the sun | Take out rub ten minutes later and Kunkune wash water

14. bench turns dark due to skin color stains | Take it made lemon turmeric juice rouge for | Then rub it on the back of bath | It would be a clear color of the skin, as well as spots will be farther

15. Make sugar, honey, cream together the yogurt and egg, then put it on the back of it with a brush | Take yourself off to rub on dry or wash with warm water | It becomes clear black moles, large nails, etc.

16. to provide at least one oil massage once in the back month is very beneficial | It increases their ability to be away from the rigidity of muscles | Increase blood circulation through skin is cha Radian growing

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