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Living with Mesothelioma: Claire Cowley Shares Head Person Travel

In 2012, Paul Kawley was a working father living a normal life. He lived with Eile, his wife Claire and his 20-month-old son, Ethan in Cambridgeshire. Paul was only 34 years old, and he was absolutely healthy and active. So when the doctors told him and Claire that they could be cancer, they could not believe it. Learning that he had lung mesothelioma, the family was completely puzzled and devastated.

Claire recently told the mesothelioma cancer alliance (MCA), “When we actually used to diagnose the diagnosis and it was a terminal, cancer was imprisoned, I think we all just went to autopilot.” “Of course, we had a very small child and he let us go.”

Now, Paul has been alive with mesothelioma for more than 4 years. Paul feels good days and bad days, but there is not even one thought for the Kauli family. They are committed to raising awareness for mesothelioma and its known cause, asbestos.

Risks of asbestos in schools
Paul grew up in Ilya and completed his schooling in the area. Although Collis is not fully convinced that how Paul was exposed to asbestos, according to his age in diagnosis, he believes that this is at risk at school.

Asbestos was widely used worldwide due to its fire resistance and durability. Its health risk was felt as early as the 1920’s, although it has still taken many years so that countries can be banned from poisoning. Even today, around 70% of the world allows its use, including the United States.

In the UK in 1999 There was totally restricted asbestos. But even with restrictions, asbestos hazard remains in many schools and old buildings. While asbestos is not technically a health risk, as long as its left is not intact, the mineral content can be caused by any damage caused by harmful fibers to air.

Claire explained “We know that in all schools Paul had participated as a child and still there are asbestos”

After exposure, it can take anywhere from 20 – 50 years for symptoms to appear When the fibers are inhaled, they may be recorded in the lining of the lungs. The body can not break foreign poison, and with time it disturbs the layer and causes irritation. This irritation gradually leads to tumors which can develop in mesothelioma.

Secondhand exposure is also a serious risk, especially with some businesses. Claire explained that Paul’s father had worked as a maintenance engineer and could have inadvertently brought asbestos home on his clothes

Despite this, how exposure happened, Kohli never thought how this mineral could change its life inverted.

An unexpected diagnosis
“Before Paul was diagnosed, I did not believe that I had heard of mesothelioma,” Claire said. “I am sure I should know that asbestos was dangerous, but I feel that unless someone does not know whom you know or know about it, you will never think that it will be with you. ”

Paul went to the doctor for a completely different appointment, had never doubted the family that he was cancer, alone leaving a rare cancer. After the initial biopsy, Paul was diagnosed with pulmonary mesothelioma, which means that tumors had increased in the lining of the lungs.

Mesothelioma has different types of body in place, but the lung is the most common, the type of mesothelioma can be broken down further than the cell type. Cowell learned that Paul had epithelioid, the most common cell type. About 70% of lung mesothelioma cases are epithelioid, so this is the most study cell and is a better forecast.

Although there is a better prediction of the type of mesothelioma of Paul, however, the life expectancy of mesothelioma patients is generally very low. On average, patients live only for 12-21 months. “He realized that his life was ending there and he would not see the next day, week, etc.” Claire said.

After receiving the diagnosis, Paul came with some standard treatments for mesothelioma, and he had six rounds of surgery and chemotherapy for six months in his diagnosis. Claire told MCA, “In those six months, the hardest of their lives was six months.” “But I believe that he has made it stronger and more flexible and able to cope with whatever he is throwing with this disease.”

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