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How to make the back beautiful and attractive How to Make Your Back Beautiful

How to make the back beautiful and attractive How to Make Your Back Beautiful – The back has its own importance to look beautiful and attractive, but it is a surprising fact that not much attention is given to the backs to beautify the beauty. Due to persistent neglect, the back loses its charm. If the back is not attractive, beauty feels incomplete. Sometimes black spots fall due to scabs on the back skin. Due to obesity, meat increases on the back. The back hair also reduces the beauty. Massage, dieting, exercise, coating are essential for keeping the back attractive and healthy.

So here are some tips that will make your back beautiful and attractive –

Some Exercises of the Back Exercises For To Make It Beautiful

1. Sit on the ground for 15-20 minutes to read Namaz.

2. Lay both hands on both sides of the body by lying directly on the floor. Now, lift the right hand upwards in the stacked position and bring it on the back of the head on the ground. Then take the hand back in the same currency. Now do the left hand like this. Do this exercise for 5 minutes. Exercise should be done before morning bath.

In addition to exercise, there are some other ways to make the back beautiful:

1. There is a long brush cleaning brush in the market where the back can be cleaned properly.

2. Have your back massage once a week. Even in the beauty parlor, you can have massages.

3. Mix yogurt or raw milk, pinch of turmeric and lemon juice in gram flour. Slowly rinse the rubbish. The whole scum will fall.

4. Put cold cream or moisturizer after bathing.

5. In the summer season the skin becomes black from sunlight, so pack turmeric and lemon. The color of the skin will be cleared.

6. Whenever you leave in the sun cover your back with a scarf, scarf or sari pallu. It does not fall on the back of the sun’s sharp rays.

7. Mix sour cream, lemon juice, sandalwood powder, one spoon of honey and turmeric in the gram flour, rub on the back, then wash after drying, it will remove dust particles from the skin and the back will start appealing.

8. If there is too much hair on the back, then add some lemon juice and bleach in a small curd. Wash after 15 minutes and apply good cream.

9. Sleep by putting a lot lotion on the back of the night. This will end your back infection. Wearing loose clothes.

10. Slowly rub mustard oil on the back before bathing. Let dry for ten minutes. Then rub and wash. The layer of filth will fall.

11. If you are wearing a big neckline while going out then apply a concealer on the back. The color of the back and face will not look different.

12. Mix lemon juice with four spoons of sugar on the back, it will make the skin soft, soft, smooth and beautiful.

13. If your skin is black and is scorched with sunlight, mix flour with some milk and make a thick sour and apply it on the back. Rinse after 10 minutes and wash with a small amount of water.

14. The color of the skin of the back gets molded due to stains. For this, add lemon juice to turmeric and make the oatmeal. Then rub it on the back before bathing. This will clear the color of the skin, as well as the scars and stains.

15. Mix sugar, honey, curd and egg and make the coating, then apply it on the back with the help of brush. Rinse it after drying or wash with lukewarm water. It clears black wars, big nails and so on.

16. It is very beneficial to massage the back oil at least once a month. It increases the flexibility of the muscles and removes them. Increased blood circulation increases the skin’s brow.

In this way, if the back is taken care of, then it can be made beautiful.

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