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How to Make Eyes Beautiful

How to Make Your Eyes Beautiful Naturally How to Make Eyes Beautiful and attractive – Beautiful and healthy eyes increase the attractiveness of the face. If your eyes are beautiful and attractive then you are very fortunate. But if someone’s eyes are not naturally beautiful, then there is no need to worry. They can also be made attractive by proper care and proper make-up.

Keep Care How To Take Your Eyes For Making Them Look Beautiful

Eye care has become more important in today’s lifestyle. Know what you should do.

1. Problems of eye problems can also be caused by stomach disorders. For this, the stomach is kept clean after drinking a lemon juice in a glass of hot water in the morning.

2. Keep eyes on the eyes for 10-15 minutes after dipping the tea bag in cold water on the eyes one day a week. Also, slice the cucumbers into thin slices and keep them in the fridge for half an hour. Then lie down and keep a piece on your eyes and close your eyes for 20 minutes. Doing this will make the eyes feel very relaxed and you will feel refreshed. It will shine in the eyes.

3. To make the eyes healthy and beautiful enough sleep is very important.

4. To give tired and red eyes freshness, cut round pieces of cucumber and keep it on the eyes for ten minutes. Then soak roti in the rose water and apply it on the eyes. Sprinkle the eyes after cooling with cold water after one minute.

5. If there are dark circles under the eyes then place a raw potato on black circles. After half an hour wash your eyes with cold water and apply it to the microscope.

6. To remove the swelling of the eyes, add one tsp of salt in one cup of hot water, immerse two small cotton pad and squeeze a little lime and keep it on the eyes till the pad is cold. Then wash the eyes with cold water.

7. Before sleeping in the night sleep under the eyes under the eye cream or gel.

8. If you want to go out in the sun, then put sunglasses and do not forget to apply sunblack.

9. Dieticians say that your diet is also very important for eye health. Take vitamins A abundant in your diet. It is found in milk and milk products, fish, eggs, yellow fruits and green vegetables, carrots, spinach, peaches and papayas etc.

10. If the wrinkles are seen around the eyes, then add one tbsp vegetable oil to the daily salad and green vegetables and eat it.

11. Put anti-wrinkle cream on the eyes. For this, mix equal quantity of castor oil, olive oil and petroleum jelly in a jar. Apply it lightly on the eyes and around it.

12. Boil a pinch of boric acid in water. Wash the eyes with this water cool down. By doing so, the eyes will get relief and coolness.

13. If you have irritation in your eyes, then adopt this remedy- Mix two tablespoon rose water in a teaspoon boiled water. Clear the eyes from it.

Exercise is also necessary Eye Exercises For Making The Bigger and Attractive

1. According to the Fitness Expert, regular exercise is also necessary to make eyes relaxed and beautiful. For this, close the lights in a quiet room and keep both of your hands on the eyes. Close the eyes for five minutes. Then open your eyes and try to see it in the dark. Eyes will get relief.

2. If your eyes are weak and you put the glasses, then take the glasses off after an hour of work and close your eyes and give them rest for five minutes.

3. Sit in comfort posture. Turn your eyes on the circle. First turn one direction in another direction.

4. Bring your four fingers in front of the eyes then slowly move away. Repeat this procedure at least five times.

5. Whenever you go out, keep watching the plants carefully. Greenery or green color makes the eyes very relaxed.

I Pack Pack For Eyes

Beauty experts say that it is necessary to remove dark circles, swelling and wrinkles under the eyes, adequate sleep, adequate water, balanced diet, protection from ultra-violet rays and stress free. Apart from this, you can also use this I pack-

Add a tsp milk and a teaspoon cucumber juice and refrigerate in the fridge. Soak the rye and keep it on the eyes for ten minutes. Wash the eyes with cold water and clean the eyes.

How to Make Makeup Tips for Eyes

Beauty experts say that an important thing for eye make-up is that the eyebrows should be made in the right shape. The best time to make eyebrows is after bathing. Eye make-up looks very bad if the eyebrows are not in the right shape and clean. Keep eyebrows neural. The ‘C’ shaped and extremely thin eyebrows are out of circulation. Those who are out of hair size, just delete those extravagant hair. Eyes should be made up first after putting the base on the face.

1. Start with Eyeshadow. Nowadays light shimari colors are in the trend. Put the eyelids first with the help of the eyeshadow brush matching your clothes and skin color. Then mix it with a little Highlighter eyeshadow. Then curl the forests. Put two coats of valiumizing or transpirent mascara.

2. At the end, give the eyes a beautiful shape with the eyeliner. After making eye make-up, apply your eyebrows. Finally, make them lighten with an eyebrow pencil.

3. Do not forget to make eye makeup at night. If you apply artificial barons, first remove them. Then remove eyeliner and eyeshadow with the help of the cleansing gel and wet cotton.

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