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Navel Care and How to Get Sexy Look How To Make Navel Attractive

How To Make Navel Attractive In Hindi

Navel care and Sexy Look How to Find How To Make Navel Attractive – navel, always covered under clothes, women often do not pay attention to his health, beauty and care. But navel also have their own charm. Therefore, his side is also necessary to pay attention. If you do not have to be a bit eclipsed the beauty of the whole body.

How To Take Care of Your Navel To Give The Sexy Look

1. 1-2 drop at night during the cold at bedtime navel rises beauty navel by applying mustard oil.

2. caloric days get cool the body by applying coconut oil twice a navel and navel are beautiful.

3. Make the slightest Multani mud, two drops of lemon juice and two drops of almond oil – three paste mixed with the rosewater. 15 minutes before bathing paste it and put it on the navel. Wash it bath time. Some days it used blackish hub goes away.

4. ripe with small slices of papaya blackish the navel rubbing the navel goes away.

5. boiled more sunken navel rub the potatoes mashed navel. Navel blackish will go away.

What To Take Care For Navel Beauty

  • Take a shower, make sure to clean regularly navel. Daily slowly doing so – will gradually shone through your navel clean
  • Dry properly navel dry towels after bathing. No dirt doing so Jmegi and soap will also remove the leaves, which
  • In summer days twice navel must clean the water. It removes odor of sweat.
  • To make the navel or fantasy color while sleeping at night after applying must clean on it Clijing milk.

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