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Remember Mesothelioma Warrior Law Williams

The mesothelioma community is mourning the loss of a true warrior, Louise “Lou” Williams, Lou had previously diagnosed peritoneal mesothelioma, and then faced lung mesothelioma in 2009. After nearly 15 years of battle, aggressive cancer won unfortunately.

Lou was a great advocate outside of his country of Australia. She worked with several advocacy organizations including the Asbestos Disease Foundation of Australia (ADFA) and the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), as well as helped innumerable mesothelioma patients and their families.

Heath von St James, an 11-year-old survivor, remembers a friend as his true lover. “Lou Wills is a true global anti-asbestos advocate, a woman with a masculine voice who was upset. He tried to fight this disease relentlessly from this disease, and never gave up hope for treatment, he inspires his power, prosperity and dignity. Which will mourn throughout the world. ”

A long fight with mesothelioma
Lu’s Asbestos first performance came as a child in Australia. Her father worked in the building business and worked frequently with asbestos. Lo helped to clean mica from his car and home. His father was diagnosed with mesothelioma and died in 1985 with the disease.

Lu’s exposure did not end there because he had worked in the messy office for three years in Melbourne with asbestos. Asbestos can be taken to show the effect of putting in fibers for decades. Nevertheless, early symptoms are futile and often cause fatality for common diseases such as flu.

After an eight-year-old pain and an 18-month-old diagnosis, Lou learned that in 2003, had peritoneal mesothelioma. Lo had surgery to remove Tomars, followed by 18 semester sessions of chemotherapy

After killing peritoneal mesothelioma, Lo was diagnosed again in 2009. This time he faced inflammal mesothelioma, which required more aggressive treatment. Lu had to undergo surgery, but this time it was necessary for three major tasks to try to remove the tumor after the second round of chemotherapy.

By January 2015, Lo said that her body was closing. His oncologist told that there was no other option for fighting the disease. At that time, Lou got oxygen in 24hof morphine, and with twice the pillar of blood, he was facing excessive nausea and weighed less than 100 pounds. The quality of his life was on a downward spiral, but Lou never lost
Join an 11-year-old Mesothelioma Survivor
Heath von St James

Never, never, never gave up
In April 2015, Lo gave some hopes. She knew that she was at the end of the illness, and she gave her a thesisologist, recommending Ketudada ® (pimbrolizium), an immunotherapy medicine that interferes with the development and spread of cancer cells. His oncologist said that this medication could return the quality of his life, and probably could give Lou 12 to 18 months to stay.

Ketuda has provided some expectations in the mesothelioma community and in some cases it has proved effective. Lu’s friend and U.K. In the fellow warrior, Mavis Neya succeeded in joining a clinical trial for medicine and saw promising results. In Australia, however, Lu could only get treatment at his own expense, each infusion costs thousands of dollars, and every 3 weeks requires essential injections.

Despite heavy costs, Lo jumped on the spot. After its third fusion, shrinkage was shown in its CT scan, and by the fifth transfusion, he no longer relied on oxygen or morphine. Lou stayed in the needle for 11 months and the quality of life returned.

It is hoped that he had seen with the lawyer for the drug, the Australian drug benefit plan could be tracked rapidly, he firmly believed that if the treatment can be offered at a more affordable price, Before they can move forward in the life stage of an end.

“Lu had fought to go to the free list and all of us cascade his petition,” Mewis remembers his longtime friend. “It would have been great if he had succeeded, then the medicine would be a little late. Worked for and returned the immune system, but for only one year, Lo said that she had helped her stay with her family. ”

Sadly, in March 2016, Lou had stood up and saw an increase in his tumor and some spread to his lungs. Lu took Contrada and instead had weekly chemotherapy treatment. But Lu gave credit to Contrauda to give quantity of its quality and quantity and continued to advocate its benefits for other mesothelioma patients. According to such devastating news, Lo never gave up and continued to fight.

“Lo has literally fought for 15 years for mesothelioma, but asbestos are working worldwide for awareness,” said Mewis. “So many mesothelioma warriors will remember him and we will live with his words, ‘Never, never, never give up.'”

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