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This is the secret of a bright skin, try it

When it comes to a healthy-glowing skin, it is essential from external measures that it is necessary that you eat a lot of healthy people. The skin glow depends on your eating habits.

Eat these green tea for a good skin
By drinking green tea, the production of antioxidant hormones in the body is low. Green tea bags also help reduce the dark circles of the eyes. Put them in the fridge for thirty minutes and keep it on your eyes twice a day for twenty minutes.

Antioxidant-rich tomatoes are called skincare superheroes. Its juice removes acne, while the peels do the work of facial masks and protect against UV rays.

Potassium present in raw coconut water is beneficial for the skin. Coconut oil with vitamin K and E makes hair strong enough.

The sum
Include dark berries such as chairs and blueberries in your diet. These prove to be effective in removing alarms. Not only this, Antirexidant-rich berries remove acne.

Do not eat or drink this for a good skin
Do not shout! Milk and made of it contain high amounts of insulin, which makes the symbam (a kind of skin oil), which leads to acne and pimples. Raw vegetables can be eaten to meet calcium.

The food containing gluten affects your digestion and its effect also appears on your skin. Try reducing the amount of gluten in your diet for ten days, you will know the difference. For this you do not eat wheat made of things.

Fried food
Avoid as much as possible from fried foods, French fries, chips, deep fried foods, etc. in highly hot oils. With the consumption of hot vegetable oil, your body has oxidizing effect, which makes your age seem overwhelming.

Excessive sugar, preservative and corn syrup contained in it cause an imbalance of sugar in the body. Apart from being acidic, they make your bones and joints weak, skin layer thin and sensitive.

Eating a limited amount of sugar is beneficial for health in all respects. A maximum of 60 grams of sugar should be consumed daily. Much sweeter can cause wrinkles in your skin and make it weak too.

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