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Sex Relationships Fun Less Concerns Sex Relationship Advice For Ladies In Hindi Language

Sex Relationships Enjoy More Troubleshooting Sex Relationship Advice For Ladies In Hindi Language – When it comes to Sex Relations, both the young man and the young woman agree, but once the relationship is formed, every problem that a young woman has to suffer. He has to deal with it in both physical and mental ways. The youth is very cool, so it is only right to be careful.

A research has shown that girls who have sex in an early age are more anxious than boys. While older girls are active in sex, their fear of deception is less. As you are the center point of the film, the movie is about the movie’s blackmail to blackmail the youth in the film scene, on which the story of the whole film is roaming like a pivot. In the film even if the young man does not love each other but a classmate, he is surely humble.

Where is the relationship between the relationship between the young man and the young woman, how a young man wants to take advantage of the girl’s compulsion. MMS or pornographic insertions have become the weapons of most youths. Not only does the woman suffer from fear of blackmail, but once the relationship is formed, many troubles have to be dealt with.

Date has to go heavy

Going to the date of girlfriends-boyfriend is not new. But there is a need to be careful with the partner during that time. During dating they are very close to each other. Only the relationship created for fun is to become a victim of troubles for girls.

If you have sex without carefulness, then the young women only have to face various types of risks. Because the youth only have to do with enchantment and they later overwhelm the problems faced by the young ladies. Therefore it is more important for women to be careful.

Let’s know what troubles the women get and how to avoid them

1. Fear of unwanted pregnancy

Take the anti-contraceptive measures during sex, otherwise you will not let it fear that there will be no delay, this time the pregnancy does not stop, next time I will be careful during this time.

Besides, there will be pressure to take iPil. If the boyfriend did not bring it, then you would have been trapped. You will not buy it yourself, if you miss the date, you will use the abortion kit, but you will have to do a lot of mathematics to buy it.

2. Risk of infection

The risk of infection with unprotected sex is greatly increased. In the hurry, many young people become addicted to unprotected sex. Their budget is not enough to go to a good hotel. Going to a cheap hotel, there is always the danger of infection, with dirty toilet, dirty bed and many other things. If Boyfriend is going home and he is alone, you will also have to face dirt and you will not be able to save yourself from this mess even if you want to. Unprotected sex also threatens you to become STD ie Sexually Transmitted Disease.
Sex relationship risk and precaution in hindi2

3. You may be a victim of depression

With unprotected sex, or planning to go somewhere along with boyfriend, or fear of opening a relationship with acquaintances; With all these things your mind will never be able to calm down. Along with this, you will again and again feel that you are not pregnant. This idea can also make you a victim of depression.

4. Always fear insecurity

Relationship with boyfriend is not necessarily good, maybe he is cheating or lying to someone else. This fear will come in your mind for 24 hours. Therefore, come out of such a relationship as soon as possible or finish the mind.

5. Do not be poor

It is not necessary that the boyfriend has to spend only. From time to time, girlfriends and boyfriends are free to pay. If the maiden is working and the youth is unemployed, then there too girlfriends will have to pay their boyfriend several times. Some boyfriends often want to cut the life of borrowing by making an excuse to end the pocket money. In such a situation, then the girl friend has to empty her pocket. If you accidentally lent thousands of rupees to your boyfriend, then understand that after the breakup, he will not even get it, so take steps only after thinking.

6. Parents may have to hide the lie heavy

There is a thousand lying to hide a lie. For the first time, you lie to your parents to spend the night with the boyfriend that you and your friend will be reading overnight, so you are going to his house. Let’s say if there is something untoward there, then the decision to hide that thing from parents seems very heavy. Also, you will always feel embarrassed by speaking all kinds of lies from parents. It is therefore good not to hide the truth.

7. Moment of Blackmailing

You may have to be a victim of momentary blackmail when your MMS is created. It may be that your boyfriend does not do this, but you can blackmail you with hidden cameras or some chaotic elements in the hotel and make money for both your pockets. Some of the women facing this problem either go to suicide, or for some reason they lose their life due to legal lash. It is very difficult to get out of this.

8. Benefits of staying single

There is also the benefits of staying single. Let’s know what they are –

You will get rid of the patrol. No one will stop it. You your

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