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Do so in the summer, hair care

The summer season is considered to be the perfect time to travel around. It is a good time to do acrobatics on the beach, but not only need to protect the skin from the strong sunlight, but also the need to save your hair. To protect the hair from the heat side effects, apply oil in the hair and wash it short and keep it loose.

TG’s Hair Educator and Kaya Limited’s Vice President and Head Sangeeta Velaskar has suggested this in the context of keeping the hair beautiful in summer:

* Avoid using heat products that break the hair in a certain style during heavy sunlight, because it can damage your hair.

* Leave the towel wrapped in your hairy, covered hair and leave the towel in the night. In the morning you will find soft and tidy hair.

* Coconut, olive and avocado oil are easily absorbed in the hair. Shampoo the hair from the roots of the roots to oil till well to massage and then massage the hair and condition. This will make your hair soft and hair will also get moisture.

* During the summer the hair has to face heavy heat and sweating, so it is very necessary to maintain moisture in the hair, thus using ‘Heat Protector Hair Spray’ to protect the hair from harmful ultraviolet rays is beneficial. Will happen. It also protects from hair loss.

* Washing excess hair can produce natural oil in the scalp, which can lead to hair becoming stiff and you may feel the need to wash hair again and again. After going into a beach or in the pool, wash the hair normally by running the shower. Use natural dry shampoo instead of regular shampoo.

* Use a wide-tooth comb instead of hair brush, do not comb into wet hair or pull it fast, because it increases the chance of hair loss.

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