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Use shampoo to protect hair from cracking.

What do you do for hair care, massage your hair regularly, use expensive expensive shampoos, but if you shampoo your hair everyday to keep it clean Hair can also be bad. Therefore it is important to know the correct way to shampoo:
1. If your scalp is dry then you should not shampoo everyday. Doing this will make your scalp more dry so you can have dandruff problems.
2. If the scalp is dry, you should have hair wash 2 or 3 times a week.
3. If your scalp is oily and the hair becomes oily by itself, you should not have to wash hair everyday. Due to having oily skin, if you have to keep your hair always oil free, you can do hair wash 4 times a week.
4. Hairstylist is of the opinion that there are hair fibers, one type of wool fiber, it will look as bad as you wash it. There is no need to wash your hair regularly.
5. Do not forget to massage with the hands of the head while shampooing. Massage will improve blood circulation in your head and your hair will increase in beauty. Also, do not make the mistake of washing your hair with hot water anytime. Washing your hair with warm water causes your hair to become stingy.

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